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Recent reads you may enjoy.

The Lost City of Z David Grann

love of historical adventure and shrunken heads


Modoc Ralph Helfer

elephants never forget


Animals in Translation Temple Grandin

animal behaviors and sensitivity training for humans


Born Free Joy Adamson

*influential book as a child. i love elsa!


Shooting in the Wild Chris Palmer

respect of wild animals and their landscape


Shantaram Gregory David Roberts

an epic, amazing journey


Immortality Milan Kundera

*one of my favorite authors,jKundera is imaginative, intelligent, observant, and brilliant.


Slowness Milan Kundera

time collision



The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera


Life is Elsewhere Milan Kundera

boy as poet, adolescent and only son.



The Tale of Genji Donald Keene, Murasaki Shikubu

eloquent classic


The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle

inspirational carpe diem


eat pray love Elizabeth Gilbert

amusing, light, empowering


A Choice of
Gordon Parks

*one of my favorite photographers


Ishi in Two Worlds Theodora Kroeber

norcal sociology


The Psycho Ex Game Merrill Markoe, Andy Prieboy

socal hilarious


Siddhartha Hermann Hesse

traditional journey


Hope Dies Last Studs Terkel

honest views


After Dark Haruki Murakami

filmic noir


A Wild Sheep Chase Haruki Murakami

surreal dream

Coin Locker Babies Ryu Murakami

dark circus


In the Miso Soup Ryu Murakami

psychological gore


Her Night on Red Kostis Gimosoulis

psychic pain, love journey


Namasté Peace, Love and India. KAMinami

photographs of India


Hagakure Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Bushido ethics

read a book (intelligence is sexy.)
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