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ink this baby
Please do not read if you get easily offended by opinions, have no sense of humor or eat nails for breakfast. This is intended for humorous purposes. If you are commonly known or regularly referenced as any of the aforementioned, then nobody's laughing with you; everyone's laughing at you.


Tattoo You ! (Yeah, my other tattoo has a skull on it.)

Have you seen the guy with the dragon tattoo? Well, i did see the intriguing film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (and if you are a cinematic snob, do yourself a favor and stick with the original Scandinavian trilogy. The Americanized version lacks by comparison.)

Well, there's more than a few folks sporting tragically hip tattoos these days. Popular culture is like that. Call me old fashioned or traditional because well, i am. Personally, i'm just not into the aesthetic of inking (or multiple facial piercings for that matter) but make no mistake, (like a dang good tattoo artist ought to do) i can appreciate artistic statements on skin. i just appreciate art as skin a whole lot more.

i've also come to appreciate the realization that getting inked may be a true humanitarian service to benefit society. There are some people who need a good tattoo across their chest like some well-deserved medal of honor. Let's face it (literally) because when you get, say, a swastika permanently etched into your forehead, it may be more than a telling testament of who you truly are and what you represent.

Honorable men (and women) with integrity and benevolence of spirit are rare. People with no moral code of ethical behavior and no value for the lives of others are running amok and rampant in today's society. As the saying goes, "you can't always judge a book by it's cover" unless it's, yup, permanently inked. Here are tattoos for the morally corrupt, spiritually desecrated and emotionally destitute.

It is only when you respect your self, that you may have the ability to respect others. Until then, if you're sporting one of these, flaunt it like you own it! Because indeed, you do.



Misogynist losers feel powerless against women and thus, are obsessively compelled to control and abuse them through brute force, lethal weapons and emotional/physical cruelty. In laymen's terms it's called male power-trippers. Patriarchal society (including the church bless their oppressive souls) breeds bigotry, inequality and lack of dignity towards whom they regard as the weaker sex. Misogynists have no shame and thrive on the perverted and twisted demonization of subordinating females due in partial theory to Freudian notions of impotency and hostility towards a castrating mother. Ultimately, these male dominators lack respect, self-esteem and are majorly endowed with a huge, yes, huge inferiority complex. If you live next door to such an archaic neanderthal with frontal, temporal, parietal and/or occipital lobe degeneration, he will pound his chest as an invitation to his cave to see his atlatl and rosary collection. Politely decline and tell him to shave his back and then go spear himself. The rest of us will continue forward in human evolution and life opportunity.

Psycho Assholes are life failures who live to bully, terrorize, intimidate, victimize and act like the piece of caca they are. They compulsively lie, steal and pathologically plot to seek attention they never got in their loner lives. Most are useless mid-life addicts, unemployed and living in their mother's basement with a mental illness or five. If you live next door to say, a paranoid psycho meth addict, he will stay up all night talking to himself, pace in circles outside your windows and then will proceed to set your CO2/gas alarms off at 4am with toxic fumes from illicit manufacturing. These malicious losers lack empathy, do not take responsibility, misappropriate blame and even act like they're the victim of misperceived threats when confronted and questioned for psychotic behavior. There's just no rhyme or reason when dealing with the irrational and illogical thought processes of a manipulative drug addict, who has no control over his maladjusted behaviors. Yes, the meth lab next door needs a brutal awakening called jail time. And (while i don't advocate therapeutic violence) the only way these losers learn is when they get the calloused crap kicked out of them, especially by a girl.


Proud drunks are well, proud to buy booze, proud to drink booze and later, proud to throw it all up. Of course, they are also too haughty to admit that underneath the excessive imbibing, there's a scared coward hiding and drowning in all that alcohol, which perpetuates the growing gut cycle. If you live next door to a perpetually inebriated idiot, the extent of verbal expression will consist mainly of slurred burps and farts followed by inane laughter and hiccups. The lordly drunkard's domain will be littered with empty bottles, burning cigarettes and pink elephants. In time, the stench of rotten puke and piss emanating from his front yard will be nothing compared with the future cries of empty forgiveness and frightful pain when he needs the liver transplant he can't get. Drink up. Your glass is half empty baby. Cheers!

Totally Stupids are ignorant fools who will go upstairs to see if nothing's really there. These ignoramus' believe Barack Obama is a muslim, doubt the Holocaust ever existed and eat twinkies as a meal replacement. Some are pedophiliac pastors who run morality support groups for pregnant nuns; others advocate drilling for oil in the Galapagos; then there are those who have several dui's and still think driving under the influence is the right thing to do; thankfully, most of these dumbasses clean out their own mutated gene pool by removing themselves from it. When you're missing a vital organ called the brain, reproduction is evolutionarily futile. If you live next door to someone with shit-for-brains and lacks good judgement, it's useless to have a conversation or pray for them or prescribe brain cell growth hormone medication or beat them over the head repeatedly. Doing so will make you dumber by sheer osmosis. Duh! Truth is, numbskulls just don't get it; never have and never will. In certain cases, intense physical therapy like boring their incapacitated head with an industrial drill press may actually reverse the natural lobotomized regions of their deficient brain. But, i doubt it.



Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart.
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