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Kookoodoll talks to the President of Monobrow!

Kookoodoll.com visits Monobrow Headquarters and meets with the President of Monobrow.com. As a duobrow (that's two eyebrows), I admit to feeling a bit awkward without the extra hair between and above my eyes. I am immediately comforted when the receptionist hands me an eyebrow patch. I put the eyebrow patch on and spend the rest of the morning talking candidly with the President about diversity, sculpting gels and ending world hunger.

President of Monobrow.com: Hi. Nice to meet you. Is that a stick on?

Kookoodoll: Yes. The frontdesk gave me this.

President of Monobrow.com: Well, we try to create an environment where people, like yourself, don't feel ostrasized and different.

Kookoodoll: That's thoughtful.

President of Monobrow.com: Remember Kookoodoll, I'm not just the President, I'm also a member.

Kookoodoll: How do you account for the fact that membership is gaining popularity?

President of Monobrow.com: Last year, 6 million people were born with one eyebrow. That means among those people there were only 6 million eyebrows. Roughly, one per person. This year, we project 8 million people will be born with 1 eyebrow. That's another 8 million monobrows. We have our team of scientists, the monologists working together day and night.

Kookoodoll: How are the monobros?

President of Monobrow.com: Who?

Kookoodoll: The monobros. Aren't you all brothers?

President of Monobrow.com: We are related in that we all share the same pain.

Kookoodoll: Any specialty products for the monobrow?

President of Monobrow.com: We sell creams and sculpting gels that are specifically engineered for people with one eyebrow.

Kookoodoll: There's a rumor that monobros don't just have one eyebrow. Aside from the more obvious unitary eyebrow, is it true there are other mono items?"

President of Monobrow.com: It is true actually. Most people with monobrows have only one ball. That's classified. Let's just say that it's not confirmed.

Kookoodoll: Anything else you'd like to say?

President of Monobrow.com: Every day there's more of us and with every monobrow that's one less eyebrow in the world. We are now working with advanced technology. I can't give you any details but we will soon have the ability to link monobrow people together into what can essentially be called a "superbrow", which could solve a lot of problems including world hunger.

Kookoodoll: I appreciate your endeavor in making the world a better space for all of us. Thanks.

Monobrow.com President rallying for unity at this years Monobrow Convention held at Mono Lake, California. Over 2003 monobrows attended.

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